How it All Began

Five Star Precious Metals emerging from humble beginnings, prides itself in providing Five Star service to those in the precious metals industry.  Providing refinery services to the following industries: Dental, Jewelers, Individual Consumers, and Miners, Pawn Brokers

The journey began 1977 in the New York Diamond District, where we became the #1  go to company, excelling and specializing in the removal of imperfections from diamonds through a tedious process of drilling microscopic lines into the diamonds, treating them with an electronic beam, and soaking the diamonds in a mixture of acids.

In 1992, the Hinds Brothers envisioned an even greater opportunity in the precious metals industry and founded Five Star Refinery, which focused on the smelting and trading of precious metals.

Through mentoring well-established constituents in the industry, Five Star was able to withstand the extremely challenging stages of developing a new business, building a great name for ourselves, Five Star Precious Metals Refinery.

In 2002, Linton Hinds began incorporating Five Star Precious Metals, which is now one of the most trusted and respected metals purchasing company in the industry.

Five Star has generated a nationwide and international customer base in providing gem stone cleansing and removal services.

We continue to uphold our trustworthy FIVE STAR status in the New York Diamond District, continuously servicing Global clients with precious metal processing needs.